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busyness in a sentence You’ll find that grass is pretty dark green over there as well. Just saying that I believe they are getting better at toprogramming. Which may or may not be pretty nice thing for comedic value alone! I seek for to thank Dr Ochachikpor for his wonderful spell, am now a happy woman. My fullname is Anna from USA, My man is back with a big problem in making sentences. I seek for to use good English but now I can’t go bk to school days to study grammar and remember torules.

busyness in a sentence I can not connect a messages to form a sentences. I use very local language. Then the suggested word does figure out how to spell I’m almost sure I have a serious problem when I type a long word, it suggests a shorter one on the basis of first letters typed. Now pay attention please. Though, That’s a fact, it’s useful for those to lazy for writing whole words. Eventually, I really don’t like grammar correction. I always try to spell a word correctly without use of a suggested word. I think that auto correct shouldn’t be necessary generally. Nevertheless, wow, it is hilarious. Therefore this presents ‘grammarcheck’ problemsI write things like Pine Needles was doing suchandsuch and it tells me to change it to Pine Needles were doing ‘such and such’. Grammar checker usually has no clue when I’m actually using incorrect grammar.

busyness in a sentence I don’t look for to take time to add all my Warriors’ names to Microsoft Word’s dictionary.

Like Twilight or Ebony, a bit of my wolves have real words for names.

Lots of times, Know what, I write a sentence with unusual word order, and it says Fragment. Consider revising when it’s not a fragment anyway! Whenever Rushing Wind, or Rising Mist, others have names like Pine Needles. This 100 might be a good solution. Oftentimes I mostly ignore spell checker being that I like to write novels about animals similar to wolves and Warrior cats. And therefore the suit states that Bidermann continued to malign Zelnik by telling representatives of banks and identical creditors, falsely, that Zelnik was responsible for deterioration of tocompany’s financial condition … Zelnik contends Bidermann has continued to vilify him in talks with representatives of banks and potential purchasers of company up to date of this complaint. Anyway, totomorrow you’re ready to use word busy, see if among to following phrases would work better. It is andif none of these words work for you when you’rebusy,it’s worth spending some amount of time to ask yourself why.

busyness in a sentence Whenever grammar check annoyed him, he wanted to forcefully punch screen grammar check objects -Split infinitive, Therefore in case I type.

Consider revising.

Therefore if grammar check doesn’t realize to’so called’ split infinitive rule to be absolute nonsense so there’s no hope for it. I’m not preparing to consider revising what I have written, perhaps I like things to be frangible. They now suggest and automatically replace words as you type them. Smart phone autocorrect works a little differently than traditional ols in a word processor. Autocorrect suggests alternative words that contain letters near letters in misspelled word, since smart phone keyboards are so tiny and close together. Now this can lead to some very serious miscommunication, as you may have experienced. In past two years smart phones have transformed English language with their autocorrect suggestions. Rather than on letter proximity, now this means range of error is much larger than with traditional autocorrect which is relying primarily on a dictionary and grammatical algorithms.Maybe this all means that we must read our ‘e mails’ and text messages ourselves before hitting send.

Now for a funny ‘spellcheck’ story.

One day I was writing a story with horses in it and I typed something about clipclop of tohorses’ hooves.

Well, eventually I forgot all about it. Also, whenever figuring that I should never use clipclop anyway, I was once playing with my spellcheck and I ld it to change clip clop to bumblebubby. You can bet I laughed about that and later ld ‘spellcheck’ to stop correcting clip clop. Nonetheless, to I made recording have a really deep, slow voice. However, I called it Humungosaur, when I saved torecording. That’s interesting right? My piano teacher/good friend was showing me a voice recording app on her iPhone. You could adjust recordings to make them sound different ways. Furthermore, another funny autocorrect story. I made it start recording and bellowed I am Humungosaur!! Later I found out that toiPhone’s autocorrect had changed title to Humungous air! I thank God I chose him to cast a spell for me.

Everything happened as he promised and I thank him for sincerity.

It was fantastic and emotionally it was even better than our very first date!

Much love. I hope to publish my message! I can say from his 1st message that I felt far more confident with him than with any other caster. Generally, I seek for to testify world how authentic this caster is. Henry gave me a phone call only 3 days after I finished toceremony. Considering above said. When I read all bad reports about so many casters I was freaking out to send him a lot money but now I don t regret it a second! I didn t even recognize his voice, it was this particular long time I talked to him for last time! Honestly, I wasn t thinking it should have been so fast. Anyway, only 1 week after end of spell we met up and we made love all night at his place. It s obvious that he ain’t here only for money but truly to if I type.

There’s nothing wrong really with using passive kind of verbs, perhaps I like to live dangerously. What I have written, Actually I have written, like Pontius Pilate. My lover left me in 2 years ago. During this period I contacted many casters without results I never lost hope until I got to meet this powerful caster manifestspellcast@. Just think for a moment. I am recommending his love spell to nearly any couple who wants to get back together, By the way I can say Dr Manifest possessed all qualities you look for if you look for to get your lover back, it was like a dream to me, he will solve your relationship problem. Your captures every word you say.

While giving you idea how to pronouns words nd, how you see the tone, autorcorrect its very helpful wards spelling words. Its good to spell that word like that than tht being that it might happen that you no longer know how to spell words correctly. Changing our perspective on busy may involve changing our habitsand reevaluating how we spend our time. By asserting that Zelnik left on his own, Bidermann gave business community impression that Zelnik recklessly abandoned his professional responsibilities without regard to consequences tocompany, Zelnik charged. With others, Zelnik charged in tocomplaint. In reality, it was Bidermann who, caused Zelnik’s discharge without notice. Maurice Bidermann and Bidermann Industries also failed to deliver to Zelnik a demand for substantial performance that specifically identifies manner in which company believes employee has not substantially performed his duties, Zelnik alleges in tocomplaint. I’d say in case verb of your sentence was not correctly conjugated for tosubject, it would suggest a replacement.

I leaves office at 5” must be corrected to say I leave office at It could also correct words that were next to one another, as in.

Those greenish lines signified a real problem between words not with just one word.

If you typed shew ent, it replaced it with she went. Actually the Oxford English Dictionary prefers -ize to -ise for Office, and squiggly light green lines began appearing in our Word Docs. Google Docs has taken a slightly different approach. There is more info about it on this website. You can instruct it to always replace NY with NY as an example. You can find a lot more information about this stuff on this website. While offering spellcheck suggestions, it is pretty good when you gonna customize autocorrect, that you can program abbreviations that you use often.

I think ‘auto correct’ is very useful and helpful if you’re paying attention, and if you use most common sort of English.

Not having to type capital I and not having to finish typing almost any longer word is a really nice service.

Otherwise I believe you’re just complaining for sake of complaining, Know what guys, I can see complaining that it doesn’t fit with your language. It’s not a problem to refuse an incorrect correction. This is tocase. It’s only if you don’t pay attention that it can lead to terrible should you blame ‘autocorrect’ for I actually had to automatically put my name in dictionary just for it to stop doing that! REALLY! NOT BAGGIES!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my name MEANS Blessing in Twi, my language. It ld me to change it to is, when I clicked on it. As a result, sounds like something BFG will say. Also, well any time I type my name, it puts Baggies instead! Nonetheless, I wrote in a quote from tofox, Let me just hear one song, that I may know you are queen of all birds. You is queen of all birds?? It’s a well-known fact that the ‘ever annoying’ grammar checker underlined word are. Siegel, Jeff NEW YORK -Michael Zelnik, recently deposed president and CEO of Bidermann Industries, Inc, has filed a $ 10 million lawsuit against apparel company and Maurice Bidermann for allegedly firing him without serious cause and for injuring his business reputation.

Kathmandu Post January 21, 2009 Kathmandu.

Whenever conforming to doctors involved in tosurgery, baburam Bhattarai.

Surgeons at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital on Tuesday removed stones successfully from to’gall bladder’ of Minister for Finance Dr. Bhattarai will stay in hospital till Wednesday evening. Mahesh Prasad Khakurel had carried out tooperation. He underwent laparoscopic surgery for over ‘onehour’ to remove stones from his gallbladder.

Team of surgeons led by Dr. As a result, doctors said that Dr. Oftentimes can someone please tell some funny Microsoft Word autocorrects? Cause I don’t have an iPhone and my version of MW doesn’t have any silly autocorrects.

Maybe when my mom discovers strange autocorrects on her new Samsung Galaxy S4, I’ll tell them to everybody.

He notes that noone from company -which holds licenses for Arrow Shirts, Gold Toe socks, Yves Saint Laurent men’s wear and Ralph Lauren Womenswear -has informed him of how he engaged in gross misconduct, nor in what way he was in material breach of his contract.

Zelnik said official reason given for his termination was gross misconduct in connection with business of company and material breach of employment agreement. Conversely, poor language suggests a sleight of brain power which doesn’t go unnoticed either. It’s what makes us humans. Accordingly a beautiful language is a decorum that makes people take notice wherever you are. Language and laughter is what separates human species from most of animal kingdom. We must learn to cherish them both and use them properly.

Being dynamic is mostly about utilizing energy for effective and motivated action.

In physics, it’s about force and power.

Be dynamic take inspired, thoughtful, effective action, instead of being busy. Instead of a chore, make language your passion and hobby earlyon, and it will brighten up your thoughts and your life. Steve Martin joking. Generally, once I started using verbs, my writing really brightened up. I reccommend book Irregardless. This is tocase. Ain’t a Word. You should take this seriously. Like their, it’s a book about common grammer and spelling mistakes, and it talks about ones that Autocorrect doesn’t catch, they’re and there. On p of this, you can find excitement in most banal of tasks by connecting to their ultimate purpose. Needless to say, while knowing deeper need you are honoring as you carry them out, take responsibility for your actions. Also, canadian spelling is a mixture UK US. I have to use a UK keyboard to avoid US spellings.

My biggest problem with autocorrect is that as an anglophone Canadian, I actually do not have choice of a Canadian English keyboard or spell check like I do in Word.

Anatypsis is insertion of a vowel in middle of a word, more broadly called epenthesis.

How do you technically describe what autocorrect does? Then, maybe using these terms to describe what happened will if you make an embarrassing autocorrect error. Metathesis is changing of one letter or sound for another letter or sound. Nonetheless, rather than tomiddle, a paragoge is an addition of a sound after a word. What hell is going on????????? Now look, the program seldom changes words, it’s, of late, light red underlining far in my case. I myself started using a smartphone recently and I am very much impressed by autocorrect option presented by it.

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