Did you ever wonder how it is possible that the tree in your backyard died suddenly? Sudden death on trees is a reality, and it is usually baffling to know why. There are different reasons but one thing is for sure. The tree was not given proper care. You need top quality Meriden tree maintenance to make sure that your tree is healthy at all times.

Every species of trees has a different lifespan. There are trees that live longer than others. It follows that trees with long lifespan tend to grow the slowest. So before you wonder why the tree in your backyard suddenly dies, it’s important that you determine its natural lifespan first.

Sudden Tree Death Common Reasons

In reality, a tree doesn’t just die suddenly. There will always be symptoms showing that is health is deteriorating. Most of the common reasons why that happen are listed below.

1. Curled or wilted leaves

If you work closely with an arborist, then you’d know that drying trees have leaves that are either curled or wilted. One of the common causes of this is when the trees are given too much fertilizer. In such a case, the trees don’t get sufficient water to stay healthy.

2. Leaves change color

Sometimes, the trees turn from green to brown, which happens if the roots of the trees start to rot. The roots rot if the tree sits in excess water too much. If that is the case, then its limbs will start to die, thus affecting the leaves. The yellowing of trees may also be caused by nutrient deficiency.

3. Damaged bark

The bark protects the trunk of the tree so if it is damaged, then high are the chances that it is the reason why your tree dead. Insects and animals could damage the tree’s bark. Wild animals such as deer and bear could gnaw on the tree bark and damage it. Insects, such as the borers, could damage the tree by making small holes in it.

4. Accidentally damaging the tree

Trees die due to problems that are caused by humans themselves. For example, using a whacker on the tree would damage it, thus keeping the nutrients from moving up. This is the reason why you should always hire experts to maintain the health of your trees.

5. Excessive mulching

Excess mulch on the soil could keep the tree from getting enough oxygen. Make sure that the mulch isn’t too close to the trunk or else you’re suffocating it too much. Each tree needs just enough mulch and it’s your responsibility to know the right amount.

These are just some of the reasons why trees die too soon. There will be signs so it’s really not a sudden death but a fast deterioration of the tree’s health. The other known causes of death on trees are fungal diseases and drought. Hire an arborist to look after your trees to make sure that it is healthy at all times. You’re going to take full advantage of their expertise.