Albert Einstein always said, “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. Well, this is applicable to most people if not everyone. Moving is a good thing. And in this case, a bicycle won’t be involved, and instead, a towing vehicle is important to move bigger things that your car can’t.

If you to go to places, move, etc., and you need to bring most or all of your things with you, you will need to check some things before the towing commences. Towing is a big job. And you’ll be on the road. Safety, therefore, is crucial. Here are some things you need to check before towing.

Cooling System

Lifting heavy weights in the gym will make you sweat. The same thing happens to your vehicle when towing heavy loads. Check the cooling system to prevent a meltdown and ensure safety. The water pump, thermostat and housing, cooling fan and switches, and the radiator including the hose and fluids, should be checked thoroughly.


These are very important especially that you’re carrying heavy loads. Even the slightest sign of worn brakes can be dangerous. Towing on the road will require a safe towing distance. Which means you’ll need good brakes. Don’t ride them or they will overheat or get damaged plus you’ll fishtail your vehicle. A trailer with its own brake system is a good thing for your vehicle because it means less stress to yours.

Hitching Equipment

Frequently check the hitch ball, coupler, and tow bar. The hitch ball should not be loose and should be attached to the drawbar. The coupler and hitch ball should not be too tight nor too loose together. And also make sure that the tow bar is directly parallel to the ground when the towed vehicle or trailer is fastened. Hitching equipment and towing gears have their own towing limitations. Check to see if yours are capable to tow what you plan on towing.

Shock Absorbers & Spring

Shock absorbers and springs belong to the vehicle’s suspension. Upgrade them to assure that they are in their best condition before towing. Non-heavy-duty shocks will cause a slump in the rear end while heavy-duty ones will stabilize the level of your vehicle or trailer. They will also make for more comfortable driving. While checking the suspensions, check the hub bearings as well. They are small, yes, but when one is loose or detached, the wheel will dance around. This can cause a major accident if your brakes get badly affected or if the wheel itself will get disengaged.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are a requirement in towing. They are the last hook if ever your trailer or other vehicle gets detached. Different vehicles need different chain thickness. The chains should be well-fitted to your vehicle. They should be able to prevent the trailer from wafting while still enabling efficient and easy turns.

Towing is can be hard. If you need something towed but don’t have the necessary vehicle, towing services Baldivis can help you.